American Experimentalism 17th March 2006

A day of the unexpected, as we explore the pioneering spirit of adventure and individualism that pervades so much twentieth century American music. The day will include a realisation of Earle Brown’s December 1952, one of the earliest graphic compositions, alongside John Cage’s notorious Water Music and Varèse’s Déserts. All of this, plus works by Cowell and Feldman and a selection of outstanding student compositions. The day will also include the opportunity to take part in performances of other graphic scores at 4:00pm, plus experimental improvisation from KAIROS at 6:30pm.

Icons of Modernism 1st and 2nd December 2005

Rarely has musical composition raised such impassioned debate as during the notorious Darmstadt Summer School in the late 1950s. Does the music from that period still sound as vital / as ground-breaking / as utopian as it did when first written? How has the vision of such figures as Boulez, Stockhausen and Nono influenced later generations of composers? Come to the University of Manchester for our mini-festival to find out more...
Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall,
Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama,
The University of Manchester,
Coupland Street,
Manchester, M13 9PL.
Box office: 0161 275 8951